Fiona Siobhan Powell
~  Folklorist and Storyteller
The daughter of a Welsh~American Lawyer and a British actress.
Fiona spent the first decade of her life calling places as diverse as Yokohama, Japan; and
Orleans; France; home.
However, by the time Fiona was ten years old, home had become a small village outside
Canterbury, Kent, where she lived with her mother and her stepfather,  David Frauenfelder,
who worked at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury.
From there, Fiona was sent to boarding school, to receive a "jolly good education".  In the
household in which Fiona grew, being gifted in speech, wasn't a luxury. It was a requirement.
Daily rituals of mimicking
"Beyond the Fringe"  skits, or various and wonderful guests
practicing their lines around the house, was the norm.
And on visits to her father in Paris; the classics, poetry and the art of argument were
The annual 'Charades' games played in the Powell/Page/Frauenfelder household were
vicious plays with Latin quotes and obscure literary references. By the time Fiona reached
the age of sixteen, her future seemed set.  The choice seemed to be between performance
and production.
So naturally, Fiona chose to become a wife, mother and Shepherd!
After a career in Agriculture, working in Somerset, Wales and Scotland;
Fiona moved with her four children to the USA; only to discover that her knowledge of
sheep was not appreciated. But her ability to play the fool with a Somerset accent, or
translate herself into a crone were!  
Fiona promptly  turned her hobby of folklore into a career, and her career into a hobby.
Fiona returns to the British Isles every year, spending most of her time in her beloved Wales,
where she studies the folkways of her ancestors.
Fiona, who is of Welsh and  Scots descent, specialises in tales from Wales and Wessex,
Cornish 'piskie' tales, and Scots 'brownie' stories.
~About Fiona
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